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Stir the multi-level capital market of environmental protection enterprises to a new pattern of the occasion



China environmental protection online market, the Shanghai stock exchange data show that as of February 20th, in the Shanghai Stock Exchange listed on the A shares in 39 companies in 2017, there are 6 from the environmental protection industry, accounting for more than 1/7. For the capital market in favor of the environmental protection industry, environment Potier, chairman and President Zhao Lijun said, "good policy driven, in recent years the rapid development of environmental protection industries, the industry growth rate of GDP growth several times, the environmental price earnings ratio of listed companies is also maintained at a high level, it also shows that the capital market optimistic about the development of environmental protection industry."
Stir the multi-level capital market of environmental protection enterprises to a new pattern of the occasion
Fu Tao, chairman and chief partner of E20 environment platform, said: "China's environmental protection industry has entered the era of big capital in 2016 (the tenth) environmental protection industry innovation forum. If the industry can not plug in the wings of the capital is not far away, and the capital is not combined with the industry can not fall." With the release of the environmental protection market dividend, the capital has increased the intensity of investment in environmental protection industry, because the industry has a high investment, long payback period and other characteristics, environmental protection companies also need more capital help. 2016, capital and environmental protection companies are still continuing to cooperate in a variety of cooperation:
Direct support of bank credit
In the environmental protection project in large scaled enterprises, capital chain is operating pressure under the condition of increasing bank credit for enterprise turnover operation of great significance; at the same time, the bank as the most important capital provider, can also actively participate in the PPP project through the financing way, achieve win-win. In 2016, the following banks to provide large credit for environmental protection enterprises:
In June 2016, a strategic partnership with HUD ecological Chinese bank Hainan branch, ICBC Hainan branch, Haikou branch of Industrial Bank, three banks will provide 23 billion of the total credit of HUD ecological framework. Among them, the Bank of China Hainan branch of the loans for HUD ecological projects throughout the Hainan region (including but not limited to the PPP project, +EPC project financing, etc.) to provide a full range of financial services, and giving a total of not more than 10 billion yuan of credit and financing support; the industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch in Hainan province will provide 5 billion yuan to HUD ecological intention the amount of financial support, and actively promote the infrastructure construction, comprehensive management of water environment, water resources development and management of geological environment, services and other areas of cooperation; the Industrial Bank Haikou branch will be in the policy and business scope will be HUD ecology as a key support for customers to provide a full range of HUD ecological priority, high quality, efficient, preferential and personalized financial services, to provide 8 billion yuan of comprehensive financial service design solutions to support business development in the HUD ecological ecological area of Hainan Province .
In August 2016, originwater with China CITIC Bank head office in Beijing signed a strategic cooperation agreement, CITIC Bank will provide a total of up to 10 billion yuan credit line interest for the clean water source, the full support of the originwater PPP project financing and mergers and acquisitions. In addition, 20 billion yuan credit originwater in 2014 also won the CDB, CITIC Bank and the signing marks originwater cooperation with financial institutions and to a new level.
In October 2016, China Everbright International and National Development Bank signed a cooperation agreement "financial support" green ecological environment construction strategy, the country is about to open in the 2016 to 2020 period, giving a total of 20 billion yuan Everbright International (below) financial support. According to the agreement, the cooperation between the two sides covering environmental protection energy, environmental water, green environmental protection, environmental science and technology four main business, and the business sector, around the "The Belt and Road" going out of business overseas, including the environmental protection energy business 8 billion yuan, environmental water business 5 billion yuan, 5 billion yuan in business environment and green environmental protection science and technology business 2 billion yuan.
November 2016, Yunnan water and Bank of Qingdao Co signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement. Under the agreement, the two sides will actively committed to the water environment, the construction of financial cooperation in the field of business, give full play to their respective industrial advantages, integration of resources, promote common development. The next three years, in accordance with the national credit policy, the Bank of Qingdao for the Yunnan water project in Shandong province to provide the maximum amount of 5 billion yuan of financial support, at the same time, according to the agreement, the Yunnan water project in Shandong Province in the future financing needs, but also the first proposed to the Bank of Qingdao.
Industrial fund to accelerate the pace of expansion
The expansion of the environmental protection industry, consolidation of demand, the rapid development of the industrial fund. In recent years, enterprises, governments, banks and other parties have joined the industry fund positions. Among them, through the enterprise + capital way to set up the fund is not in the minority, this type of cooperation to help companies get through the capital, to ensure that the capital to understand the industry, a new model to do the integration of production.
In March 2016, Dongjiang environmental protection and CITIC Guoan (Shenzhen), Shenzhen city fund management department of the sea distant Cci Capital Ltd cooperation in the establishment of the total size of 3 billion yuan of Dongjiang environmental industry mergers and acquisitions fund for quality enterprises and investment in the field of environmental protection industry;
In May 2016, Yongqing Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement to set up environmental protection industry fund and Changsha bank financial products 20 billion yuan, reached a comprehensive cooperation, to jointly promote the development of green industries, PPP projects and environmental protection projects;
In May 2016, bewg group and Fosun Group member enterprise star king capital cooperation, launched Beikong star king water fund, committed to build it into the largest and most